Friday, March 29, 2013

Viejas Project

 Viejas Casino and Resort opens their new Luxery hotel in style.

Working with glass artist Tom Marosz, I collaborated with him to create this beautiful glass feather installation in the lobby of the hotel.  

Consisting of several feather patterns based on native bird species and several of my own signature designs.  The largest feathers reach out to three feet in length ! 

Come stop by the newly built hotel and enjoy the lavish designer decor that makes the Viejas hotel a destination point in San Diego. 

This has been such an honor to have some of my finest glass sculptures in such a prominent location.

Front view framed by these contemporary sconces           The complete art piece.
Close up of the top                             Close up of the bottom
 View of the check in counter at the Hotel                                Side view of the art piece

         Glass artists Tom Marosz and Nic McGuire         Some of my life long fans

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