Monday, February 20, 2012


Postcard for the show at CIRELLO Art Gallery

This is the most recent solo show of all glass sculptures.  It is showing at Cirello Art gallery in North Park , San Diego.  

 Click on this link to read the article that was written about the show !  -

It is from The San Diego Art Guide,  which is a wealth of information about current shows and art galleries in San Diego .

*Thanks to everyone who contributed that made the show possible, it was a team effort to create all the complex art pieces- *


Cold Shop

  The Cold Shop is outfitted with: 

   - 24" flatlap with diamond and pre-polish pads and a felt pad.
   - 2 sided glass lathe-Covington-  36" arbor.  lots of various wheels.
   - Graves cabochon small lathe with nova diamond wheels
   -  10 " diamond saw . MK101 .
   -  4 mm to 4'' diamond core drill bits and drill station.

  The other nearby location has:

  - 104 '' wet vertical belt sander
  -  Rayzist pressure pot sandblaster.

24 " Flatlap -
36" arbor glass lathe

Cold shop mascot


Eternal Plumes series- Tusk's

Ram's horns and more art in progress

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Working in the glass hot shop

                                    John Gibbons and I on a Lion Vessel-
                               Helping John with one of his Starfish Waves-
                                            Sculpting a glass feather-
                                        Always happy to be in the glass studio-
         Assisting John Gibbons with another one of his Starfish Waves -  its always a team effort.
                              ABSTRACT BIRD series

 I ve been working on a series dealing with relationships between cones and spheres.  The bright colors and graceful like shapes have taken on a resemblance to birds, so it was only fitting that the series is called the Abstract Bird series.    Combining several traditional venetian glassblowing techniques - encalmo, cane roll-ups, and then hand engraving a portion of them in the battuto style adds to the series a more refined artistic style.

Vanilla Bean Series


                       Vanilla Bean Series

                                     This new series of vessels and forms were inspired by one of my favorite color combinations of soft whites and golden ambers.  They are wrapped in Japanese sterling silver, they give off the most beautiful glow when the light shines through them.  All the forms are hand blown at McQuade Glass Art studios in Encinitas , California.